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Lauren Dearing, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

I get so excited about the potential for regenerative medicine to not only address aging issues, but also treat complex health problems.

My husband, Dr. Justin Dearing, and I are grateful to practice together toward this common goal of preventing disease through health restoration.

About Lauren

Lauren Dearing is our nurse practitioner specializing in regenerative and anti-aging medicine. She graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In 2011, Lauren graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Masters of Science in Nursing. She has many years of experience as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner. 


Lauren has worked in various patient care settings through the years, including ICU, hospital, outpatient, and procedural areas. Through her experiences, she realized the need to help patients prevent disease and live their best quality of life was very important to her. Over the years, Lauren had seen the effect of aging on her patients and wanted to help them heal their bodies. After taking a joint injection course utilizing regenerative medicine, she became interested in a whole new world of medicine. Since then, she has studied ways to help patients repair, regenerate and reset their bodies. 


Since every patient is unique, Lauren loves to listen to her patients and create a personalized treatment plan. She will follow you closely throughout your processes. Seeing patients improve and meet their health goals is the most rewarding. 

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