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Chronic Pain & Injuries

Are you suffering from constant pain? Maybe you have headaches or neck pain that won’t go away. Or joints that are always aching. You’ve tried conventional pain relief methods, but nothing has worked. It’s time to try integrative medicine. 


The Dearing Clinic functional neurology experts get to the root of your chronic pain condition or injury. They don’t treat symptoms; they solve the problem. By understanding your unique movement patterns and physical limitations, the team can create a personalized care plan that accelerates the healing process using manual therapies such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, myofascial massage, regenerative therapy, and other drug-free chronic pain treatment strategies. 

chronic pain in neck

Stop hurting and get help today.

Types of Chronic Pain

When you are injured, special nerve cells alert your brain by causing a painful reaction. This process is useful because it is designed to help you stop or treat the injury. But when it continues for longer than a few weeks, the area of the brain that perceives pain becomes overly sensitized. 


When the pain continues for 3 months or longer, it becomes chronic pain and your brain adopts an avoidance behavior and instructs your body to compensate with certain postures or movements to limit the pain. This process results in development of new pain, or pain progression that spreads throughout your body.

Chronic pain conditions we treat include:

chronic pain conditions treated by The Dearing Clinic

Our integrative medicine team treats the source of your pain—not just the symptoms—to provide lasting relief.

assessing chronic knee pain

Chronic Pain Treatment

Where Brain and Body Meet

At The Dearing Clinic in Nashville, our integrative medicine experts provide a unique approach to chronic pain and natural pain management. The team uses their functional neurology expertise to address both the brain and the body for complete and lasting pain relief. 


You will receive a focused, specialized, and comprehensive examination designed to understand your concerns and uncover the true source of your chronic pain. As a functional neurologist, Dr. Dearing will design a drug-free chronic pain treatment plan personalized just for you. 

Get lasting relief for your chronic pain. 

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