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Feel Better Today With Our New Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

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Clinical Neurology

Connecting the best manual therapy techniques with the most recent evidence in functional neurology.

Neurological and Performance Enhancement Therapy

We can apply this therapy to 

general training, fitness, strength development, athletic development,

and any skill development.

& Dry Needling

Taking traditional Chinese medicine applications and using neuroscience to boost brain and body function.

Restorative Nutrition Protocols

Multi-faceted herbal, supplemental

and dietary protocols help you to

restore health by addressing the root cause of nutrition imbalances.

Customized IV Drips

Formulating IV nutrients is an art and science. By understanding the root cause, we’ll then customize a formulation specific to what you need. 


Big advances in naturally

sourced medication allows us

to regenerate and restore deeper

and more chronic problems.

Quantitative ElectroEncephalograpy (QEEG)/Neurofeedback

For retraining brain waves for chronic pain and emotional disorders.

Decompression Therapy

For bulging and degenerative

disc disorders of the spine

Trigger Point Injections

Used to treat painful knots that

form in your muscles from overuse or injury. Pain relief can be achieved by injecting anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agents.

Joint Injections

A needle is inserted to the joint space to allow for injection of regenerative products to allow for natural healing. We offer large and small joint injections.

Spinal Adjustments

A therapeutic treatment performed by a chiropractor using pressure to manipulate joints in the body and vertabrae. Treatment can increase range of motion, reduce pain, and allow for better coordination of the 

brain and body.

Physical Rehabilitation

Restoring physical health through therapeutic exercise that can stretch overused, tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Or As We Like to Call It, HBOT

Our body’s tissues need oxygen to function. The air we breathe is only 21% oxygen.

HBOT delivers 100% oxygen while in the chamber. Additionally, the air pressure inside

the chamber is raised to a higher level than normal air pressure. The increased air

pressure in the chamber allows the lungs to collect more oxygen and forces oxygenated blood

into areas of injury. Thus, getting more oxygen to the tissues that need it.

This therapy aids the body’s healing process of acute and chronic conditions.

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