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Caring for, and healing, the brain, spinal chord and nerves.

The best care

At The Dearing Clinic, one of our specialties is treating and healing Neurological imbalance. These imbalances manifest as dizziness, migraine headaches or other pain. When we measure these issues we are able to fix the root of the problem faster and more completely.


To do this right, we have to be incredibly thorough. Our expertise in functional neurology allows us to measure every function possible in the human body.

Functional Neurological testing may include any one or all of the following:

  • Pupillometry: an autonomic assessment measuring pupil light reflexes

  • Posturography and Gait Dynamics: static and walking balance measurements through computerized dynamic posturography and gait dynamics through instrumented treadmill walking

  • Vestibulo Ocular Testing: VOG device measures quality of eye movements.

  • Cognitive Analysis: measuring cognitive flexibility. TAKE YOUR TEST NOW 

  • QEEG brain mapping technology.

QEEG, or brain mapping, allows us to see brainwave imbalances. Once we have this information we are able to focus on more accurate brain therapies and mental health balance. And neurofeedback is an intervention for retraining your brain signals for peak performance.


By utilizing these tools we can start you on the path to recovery right away. We use all of the information we gather to develop a comprehensive health plan designed specifically for you.

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