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Feel Like Your Young Self Again!

Our rehabilitation techniques treat functional deficits, physical limitations, and disabilities. But to have the best outcomes, we need to begin at the root of the problem. So how do we get there?


Often, there’s a pain problem. Maybe the issue is headaches or joint pain. Perhaps it's a consistent ache in your neck or problems with sleeping. Traditional methods of relief treat the symptoms. With our approach, we solve the problem. 

Many times the issue is with the way you move. Your problem could also be a visual coordination problem creating the pain.


We always begin by drawing awareness to the individual's specific pattern of compensating movements and then teach them how to correct it. 


To accelerate the healing process, we begin immediately with the best methods of manual therapies. For example, we may include acupuncture or dry needling, myofascial massage and stretch, manual manipulation adjustments, and many other stimulation strategies.


The goal is to correct the brain's mapping of movement or other functional deficits and help you continue correcting and maintaining the proper mapping after leaving our office.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Road to Recovery.

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