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Attention men & women aged 35+ seeking longevity or struggling with pain, chronic disease, depression, inflammation, or metabolic disorders …

Dr. Justin Dearing Presents:

The Rhythm Reset

  A 9-day pathway to lasting health and vitality


If you’re reading this, you’re among an elite 10-15% of the population. 


You’re more self-aware than most.


According to psychologist and researcher Dr. Tasha Eurich, most people ask the WRONG question ....


Asking “why” instead of “what” could be killing you



When you’re struggling with your health, it’s natural to wonder “why.” 


But, asking “what” is 1,250% better.


I’ll give you an example.


Imagine your thoughts when you’re on edge, anxious, moody, frustrated ....


Maybe you have one or more of these on your mind: 


  • selfish in-laws 

  • a super toxic boss  

  • failing relationships 

  • long commutes  

  • bills piling up  

AND, to add to your stress, you have chronic health issues and nowhere to turn for help.


There’s too much noise in the wellness world right now.


Should you go with superfoods, supplements, mushroom coffees, or something else??


The solution to your problems is asking the RIGHT question.


Honing in on the “why” is important. But, asking “what” is critical to REAL CHANGE.


For example:


… What will you do to avoid conflict?


… What can you do to get relief?


… What steps can you take to banish stress?


In my 9-day Rhythm Reset, you get access to ALL my proven techniques and frameworks to answer these “what” questions — and you get the relief you need.

This is the exact SAME protocol I’ve used successfully with my patients — for years!

And now, I want you to get your hands on it.


It’s a NEW, breakthrough protocol that ignores fad diets & celebrity detoxes ...

... YES, those restrictive, unrealistic, and UNSUSTAINABLE ones.

Good health is a rare, almost mythical state in our modern world — and very few possess it.

I’ve personally spent the last 20 years designing the perfect reset protocol for you …

A protocol you only need 9 days to implement.

Master this protocol, and you’ll never again wonder whether you’re making the right decisions about your health.

You’ll confidently know what foods to eat.

You’ll know what to do after a health setback.

You won't be at the mercy of Big Pharma.

You'll laugh when your doctor says you’re out of OPTIONS.

Instead, at the end of 9 days, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

BECAUSE, single handedly, you’ll have done all the HEAVY LIFTING needed to set your body up for lifelong vitality and well being.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you live life on your own terms.


My medical breakthrough isn’t science fiction: I’m the only doctor Dani Williamson (an in-demand health expert) sends her patients to ...

Dani is a beloved integrative health practitioner in the Brentwood, Tennessee area.


Her patients love her and, most importantly, they TRUST her.


Dani sends the toughest cases to me because she knows I get results.


“Dr. Dearing is the only doctor I send my patients to for any sort of vertigo, migraines, traumatic brain injuries, concussions, stroke, early onset dementia, Alzheimer's, and other neurological conditions. 

Problems with chronic pain … are often neurological, linked to poor motor patterns set by the brain …. Dr. Dearing goes to the heart of the issue: oxidative stress and its role in chronic pain and conditions like Alzheimers and Parkinsons .…”



I’m a board-certified functional neurologist and chiropractor, with fellowships in acupuncture and restorative herbal medicine. I’ve practiced medicine for more than 12 years, getting REAL results for my patients.


Once, I was where you are right now.


Sick, tired, — and sick of being sick and tired.


Doctors told me my only hope was standard of care procedures.


BUT, I had a feisty grandmother who wouldn’t give up.


She took me to a chiropractor.


AND, the result was a NIGHT and DAY difference.


Those of you who know my story KNOW that I’m not kidding when I say we’ve been sold a bill of goods.


MY friend, it’s time to STOP believing the lies you’ve been told.


When I started practicing medicine, I set out to help people overcome the systemic barriers that keep them sick and defeated.


My Rhythm Reset protocol is kryptonite to the devastating lies we’ve been told about health, healing, and longevity.


And, I’m going to tell you all about it today.

In the Rhythm Reset, you learn daily movements, practices, and routines you'll use for the rest of your life.

No more slogging through diet & exercise programs with monthly or annual fees.

This is a program you can repeat — whenever you want or as the seasons change.

Without paying more.

Don't wait: A one-time investment in the Rhythm Reset is all you need to live and feel better.


Disease X will get the best of most people — but not YOU.

When was the last time you heard good news?


Turn on the TV, log into social media, pick up a paper. 


There's talk of financial collapse, world wars, famine …


Pure human misery, mixed with sordid celebrity gossip & dirty politics.


PLUS, the steady drumbeat of news about a disease killing 50 million people.


A disease that could be 20x deadlier than COVID.


A disease that doesn’t even exist, with the corny name of Disease X.

Whatever comes, you won’t be caught unprepared.

My Improved, SIMPLE 9-day reset took Christy from broken to ALIVE …

Take a minute to read what living life on YOUR own terms feels like:

Image (16).jpeg
BEFORE THE RHYTHM RESET PROTOCOL, Christy hit rock bottom…

In 2019, my mother was put in a nursing home and diagnosed with dementia. Then, COVID hit. I began stress eating and gained a LOT of weight. 


Then, in August 2022, after two years of focusing on my mother (and being heartbroken), I experienced immense pain in my knee — due to my weight gain.  


I went to the orthopedist with serious pain and was told I NEEDED a knee replacement. But my BMI (49) was too high to have surgery. I was BARELY able to walk. 


Shots/anti-inflammatory meds were NOT working. My life had literally stopped. I couldn’t grocery shop/clean my house/cook. Nothing helped the pain. 


So, I turned to food and ate my way to a whopping 295lbs. Being immobile and in immense pain was awful. I FELT helpless. I was stressed out and needed a knee replacement but was too overweight. 


Even though I liked my orthopedist, he gave me no options. I was told to “go lose weight” but had no resources or help.

AFTER THE RHYTHM RESET PROTOCOL, Christy’s future couldn’t be brighter…

 In January 2023, I contacted Dr. Dearing to see what he could do. 


I can’t tell you how it felt to have someone look at me as a WHOLE person. They addressed how much pain was in my knee. They took my whole body into account. I CAN’T take pain meds (they don’t agree with me). 


In February, the orthopedist said my BMI had gone from 49 to 38! They were so impressed. My bloodwork and everything was cleared for surgery. My PCP said I was in a MUCH better place to have the BEST outcome with surgery, due to the weight loss and all the rehab. 


The Dearing Clinic worked with my primary care physician to set the best goals so I could realize the best outcomes for my health. 


This (the Rhythm Reset) is the EASIEST plan to follow .…


You DON’T count calories. Dr. Dearing gives you the basic foundation of foods to eat and stay away from. You can make your choices from that… I can still “treat” myself with things I like, but things that will be GOOD for me. Dr. Dearing shows you how. He and The Dearing Clinic staff have given me confidence to see this thing to the end. 


Invest in yourself and your future… so the foundation is laid for a successful aging process.


You can be the master of your own fate.

If you’re still here, you’re just one step away from learning exactly how to become the hero of your own health journey.

You heard me right.

The hero of your health journey is YOU.

Not your doctor.

Not your neighbor.

Not meddling Aunt Nelly.

And, definitely not the “experts.”

Being the hero of your own health journey means 

… HAVING the secrets of longevity & physical resilience …

USING them to strengthen your nervous, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems …

… AND REVERSING chronic inflammation.

My protocol gives you the tools to do this.

And, when you’re done, you’ll feel justifiably righteous — and self-satisfied.

BECAUSE your instincts will have been proven right.

About your ability to get the answers you need.

About your right to chart your own health journey.

AND, about your capacity for healing.

Today, I’m sharing the battle-tested protocol my patients have used to get insanely powerful results.

But, before we get started, let me ask you a question:

How many of the following are you currently struggling with?

The ever dreaded “spare tire” round the middle

Embarrassing bulges that make you look “chubby,” even in the most clever styles

Insomnia that leaves you stark awake at 3pm 

Recurring bouts of sleep apnea 

Tension headaches, vertigo, migraines, & brain fog

Nightmares that lead to disorientation, a pounding heart, and lingering unease — making sleep next to impossible

Mood swings that have family & co-workers giving you less-than-flattering nicknames behind your back

Poor skin or signs of premature aging, so you’re mistaken for your spouse’s parent (ouch) or your child’s grandparent (double ouch)

Constant cravings for carb, sugar-laden foods

Painful joints, chronic aches & pains

Poor digestion, making you bloat up like a whale after meals

Autoimmune issues, which leave you feeling exhausted and stuck in a merry-go-round of self-doubt and failure


When did getting healthy become so complicated?

Many people think healthcare is broken. And, for good reason: When was the last time you felt confident your insurance company would cover a procedure?

That’s what I thought.

Healthcare is complicated because insurance companies have redefined “medical necessity” and set strict restrictions on what’s covered — and what’s not.

If you have a chronic condition, the minefield of legalese can leave you drained & discouraged.

You turn to your doctor, but their hands are tied. 


Speaking of doctors, did you know that physician well being is directly tied to patient satisfaction? The best doctors are also the HAPPIEST & HEALTHIEST. 

But, according to a 2022 Medical Economics study, 77% of physicians are burnt out.

AND, according to a 2023 Physicians Foundation survey:

  • 4 in 10 doctors need mental health care but don’t seek it.

  • At least 53% admit to having “inappropriate” feelings of anger, anxiety, and frustration.

  • A whopping 63% report feeling hopeless.

“Doctors aren’t supposed to get sick” & office visits that make your life 250% worse

You may be thinking: Why should I care? Aren’t doctors supposed to help me?

AND, you’d be right.

But, here’s the thing: Your doctor may be as stressed and burned out as you are. And, it’s impacting the care you’re receiving.

Do any of these experiences sound familiar?

  • My doctor always looks (pick one) agitated | overwhelmed | moody | preoccupied.


  • She always rushes through our appointments.


  • My last doctor (who retired) said I had to lose weight. I’m not a “judgy” person, but I feel weird talking about my weight when my new doctor weighs more than me. 


  • I tried to talk with my doctor the other day, and he yelled, “There’s NOTHING wrong with you!” loud enough for the whole clinic to hear.


  • When I complain about (pick one) depression | diarrhea | hormonal issues | lingering pain | panic attacks | anxiety, my doctor says I’m being overly dramatic and should stop reading WebMD and watching YouTube.


  • I almost died when my doctor ignored my symptoms and misdiagnosed me.


  • I’m in desperate straits, with a life-threatening condition. But, my doctor won’t order XYZ test, even when I show him the research behind it. 


  • Even when I feel “off” on a medication, my doctor insists I keep taking it

Now, let me ask you this: Is it any wonder healthcare is a mess?

Incoming: The no B.S. truth bomb they don’t want you to know!

Ever heard of Occam’s Razor? It’s a principle that can be explained in one sentence:


The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

Translation: Doctors often can’t help  —  because they weren’t taught to uncover the root cause of your condition. 

Did you know that the average doctor gets about 11 hours of nutrition training during an entire medical program? 

That’s according to a 2021 survey of medical schools in the U.S. and U.K., published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

This means doctors aren’t trained to scrutinize the diets and daily habits that make you sick.

Heck, according to the Medical Economics study above, a combined 30% of doctors cope with burnout by either ignoring it, binging on junk food, or indulging in alcohol/ illicit drugs.


The #1 reason you and your doctor are sick — and it’s simpler than you’ve been led to believe.

Most doctors aren’t taught the significance of the gut-brain axis.

But, there’s growing evidence the gut-brain connection is critical to whole body health.

The gut-brain axis is bi-directional. 


This is just a fancy way of saying there’s a two-way communication channel linking your brain and gut. 

What’s more — top doctors in their fields agree that the gut-brain axis plays an important role in whole body resilience.

  • According to Dr. Andrew Huberman (neuroscientist and professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine), the wrong type of gut microbiota can DESTROY the integrity of the intestinal barrier — leading to gut dysbiosis (imbalance), tumors, and cancers.


  • Dr. Josh Axe (renowned doctor of natural medicine) calls the gut "the second brain” — and warns that ignoring gut dysbiosis can lead to severe autoimmune diseases.


  • Dr. Eric Berg (world-renowned keto diet expert) calls the gut-brain axis an “autonomic nervous system superhighway” — one that’s critical to longevity. Yes, they’ve hidden this truth from you for too long, robbing you of good health and consigning you to lifelong suffering.


  • The gut microbiome or flora produces neurotransmitters (such as serotonin and GABA) that influence brain function. According to Harvard Medical School, functional GI conditions are directly linked to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.


The bottom line: Optimizing this bidirectional axis is essential for whole body health …

… AND reversing conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), stress-related disorders, and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Now for the science: Some cells are sexier and more powerful than others.

In our youth, our cells are in peak condition. They exhibit perfect efficiency and resilience, contributing to optimal health, growth, and vitality. 

Cell division and renewal proceed at a robust pace, as steady as the human heartbeat.

This makes our body look and function impeccably.

However, as we age, we start to accumulate cells that are mostly dead.

Sure, they’re still alive taking in oxygen and nutrients.

But, they spit out inflammation and toxins .…


These cells are known as senescent cells.

These mostly dead cells are part of aging, and we accumulate them as we age. 

We clear them through a process called autophagy.

This is when white blood cells devour damaged or aging cells the way vultures gorge on decaying carcases when hungry. 

But if autophagy goes wrong, it can lead to unchecked cell proliferation, i.e., cancerous growths or tumors. 

About 70% of your body's immune cells are found in a special area of the gut called the gut-associated lymphoid tissue.

This area contains lymphocyte cells. 

Dendritic cells (immune cells) interact with these lymphocytes to promote natural immunity.

Dendritic cells can transform specialized Th1 and Th17 cells to produce substances called proinflammatory cytokines.

Proinflammatory cytokines are small proteins. 

They are called "proinflammatory" because they promote inflammation, a natural part of the body's healing process.

When the body faces an infection or injury, proinflammatory cytokines are released …

… to send immune cells to the site of infection or injury. 

This inflammation is critical for the healing process. But, if it becomes chronic or excessive, you get a cytokine or immune storm. This can lead to chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, and cancer.


Back to Occam’s Razor: The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

Failure to optimize the gut-brain axis and autophagy is why you’re sick.

In other words: Your diet, lifestyle choices, habits, mindset, and thought patterns have a lot to do with your current health struggles.

It’s not your fault: Neither you nor your doctor were trained to know this.


None of us were.

As an integrative health practitioner, I learned it on my own, through years of painstaking research and trial & error.

Here’s YOUR SIMPLE solution to your health issues: A Reset Protocol YOU control.

In this step-by-step program, I will teach you the EXACT rhythm reset formula I have used to help my patients achieve their health goals and get a new lease on life.

You learn how to do autophagy right.

How to optimize lymphatic system drainage to remove cellular debris, toxins, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and cancerous cells. 

This protocol is the ONLY protocol that makes you the MASTER of your own fate.


Earlier versions of my protocol combined with other interventions improved my patients’ lives by a mind-blowing 350%!

J.W. (Memphis, Tennessee), who didn’t trust doctors and only came to me as a last resort:

“I know several people who went to Dr. Dearing as a last resort because they weren't able to find a solution anywhere else. The reason is because he's approaching health from a completely different perspective while considering all parts of your body and how they work together.

I am not a fan of doctors of any kind. I am typically pretty suspicious of the medical field in general. But I would trust Dr. Dearing and his staff to care for every person I love. “

Mike J. (Thompson’s Station, Tennessee), who ran out of hope & money before he ignored the naysayers and stepped foot in my clinic:


After an onset of extreme pain in my hips and back I came to a point where 100 yards would be the most I could walk without locking up in pain. 

I went to a bone and joint doctor and they couldn’t diagnose me. They sent me to physical therapy and recommended surgery if it failed. However, they had no idea what was wrong with me! 

After 36 visits to physical therapy, I was exactly where I was when I started. I went back to the bone and joint clinic and they referred me to a hernia surgeon. I later found out he was a thyroid specialist. He wanted to send me to a hernia doctor as he couldn’t help me. Being discouraged and running out of money my wife suggested an alternative to the doctors — Dr. Dearing. 

After about three weeks with Dr. Dearing, he told me we were about 1 to 2 weeks away from seeing results. I hung in there ... and he was right!

I am now able to walk miles without pain or discomfort. I got my physical and mental health back. I have always been reluctant to try alternative medicine but after this experience I will always start with Dr. Dearing first.”


Sarah Wolfe (via Google), who never thought she’d be free of lifelong headaches that made her life miserable:


So thankful to have found the Dearing Clinic! I’ve been dealing with headaches for nearly 20 years and Dr Dearing and his staff have made a significant improvement in my health. Always greeted with smiles by the staff who all call me by name. Just great people. Highly recommended!!


Julie Gilbreath (via Google), who never thought she’d love living again:

I came to Dr. Dearing at the recommendation of a friend after I had been struggling with debilitating neurological symptoms from long-COVID for months. I had a laundry list of symptoms including constant migraines, dizziness, distorted vision and paresthesia, to name a few. 

I had seen three neurologists who prescribed migraine medicines that weren’t working, and I was making almost weekly trips to the ER for uncontrollable pain. When I came to Dr. Dearing, I was in constant pain and could barely stand up. 

I was skeptical at first that functional, holistic medicine could help me after so many attempts with traditional medicine had failed. 

But after three months, I was fully functional and after six months, I was able to go on a hiking trip in the mountains where I hiked more than 5 miles. That’s an amazing turnaround after being bedridden for more than half a year! 


Could you use results like that?

top-view-glass-with-water-medicine-table (2).jpg

Here’s everything you get when you purchase the Rhythm Reset Protocol TODAY:

30+ easy-to-follow videos, with step-by-step explanations that show you:

  • The exact routines, movements, and techniques for optimizing your gut-brain axis and autophagy — all based on modern neuroscience and ancient practices that have worked for thousands of years


  • The safest and most effective way to reset your circadian clock to build body resilience and lasting well being (it’s easier than you think!) 


  • The #1 way to bring resilience to your tissues without killing yourself at the gym 


  • Why breathing right is the key to system balance and gut-brain resilience — and how doing it the wrong way can actually increase your stress levels


  • The three things you must do in the evening — if you want to sleep like a baby


  • Why promoting lymphatic drainage is critical to clearing metabolic toxins from your brain — ignore this, and you’re bound to live a lot less longer than you’d like


  • What to do when you hit a roadblock on your health journey: complex diagnoses can sometimes be solved with proper movement and posture — but most people fail because these fundamentals of movement & posture have been HIDDEN from them


  • The common foods everyone thinks is so “healthy” — yet actually depresses your immune system, rendering it defenseless against viral infections and inflammatory diseases. Consider yourself warned .…


  • Which movements and foods actually help you beat the carb-sugar cravings for good — and how you can pivot when every cell in your body wants to give up


  • The #1 type of food from ancient traditions that cleanses your liver & gallbladder — clearing out stagnant toxins and reversing premature aging (a little complicated to explain here, but wait til you learn about the food you’ll be eating)


  • The three — just THREE —  tai-chi movements that can collectively activate every muscle in YOUR body to stimulate mobility, strength, and resiliency

AND much, much more!

PLUS, you get these BONUS products to help you on your health journey ....

Your own special Rhythm Reset box comes with the following items:


Gut Sealer: This specially-prepared blend of herbs, nutrients and fibers will improve the integrity of your gut lining.


PollyAnna Pro: Curcumin (an anti-inflammatory champion) + other proven herb extracts help your body clear dead cells and cellular debris.


Super Omega 3s: Replace cell wall integrity with these good fats, not the rancid ones from a Standard American Diet.


Dr. Dearing's MindFlo Salve: Use this in conjunction with an ancient head & face massage technique to clear cellular debris and stimulate the nervous system.

And These Curated Tea Blends ....

  • Eight individual daily teas consist of specific blends of delicious herbs. Each tea has a theme to help you reach your daily Reset goals.

  • My special evening elixir tea is the 9th and final tea in the Rhythm Reset. You'll drink it each evening as a "mocktail" to relax and prepare for restorative sleep.

  • "Liber-tea" is a coffee replacement tea that contains caffeine and other nutrients to spur metabolism, burn fat, and create efficiency in every cell.


Plus even more education & resources to help make your experience seamless:


The Ultimate Rhythm Reset tea steeper: This elegant 16 oz tea steeper lets your herbal teas float while they steep, extracting more therapeutic medicine from the herbs. 

Screen Shot 2024-03-25 at 3.38.55 PM.png

The Rhythm Reset Insider's diet guide & cookbook: A handy guide to recipes, food prep, daily schedules and routines.

Without Logo.png

Handy daily PDF companion guides: Take in more information with detailed explanations of the science behind course techniques and routines.

Leaf Stem

FAQs or answers to your most pressing questions

How soon can I get started?


As soon as you sign up and your Rhythm Reset box is mailed to your doorstep. You’ll also be provided a login on my special platform, where you’ll receive instructions for each day of your reset.

I’m not so sure, Doc. What if I don’t like the Rhythm Reset? What’s your return policy like?


Ok, here’s the bad news: I don’t provide refunds for the Rhythm Reset.

Here's why: The Rhythm Reset includes both digital and physical products. If you return the items in the Rhythm Reset box, I can’t salvage the original value of the contents as my policy is to avoid re-selling edible products. 


With digital goods (such as my 30+ videos), a return represents a 100% loss, especially once the course materials and knowledge have been utilized.


Although financial gain isn’t my driving force, returns make it difficult to fulfill my #1 mission in life: To help as many people as possible live resilient, pain-free lives. I truly appreciate your understanding and am honored by your support.


BUT, here’s the good news: I put many of my personal projects on hold for ten (10) years to create this protocol for you. I’ve obsessed over every detail and every framework you see in the program. I’ve eaten, slept, and worked the Rhythm Reset.

The bottom line is I created this program for you to SUCCEED. This isn’t a money-making venture for me, where you FAIL and I pocket the money. 

If you’re paying high insurance premiums now and getting ZERO relief, you owe it to yourself to get healthy — your own way.

I’m intensely FOCUSED on your success…

…BECAUSE my My reputation rests on it your success. 

Which brings me to the question below:

What if I have questions or the protocol doesn’t work?

I’m glad you asked.

Email during your first 30 days and tell me, “It’s not working, Doc…I hate it, and I’m stuck. Help me.” 

If you tell me this, you get ONE live group coaching session with me, where you can ask me ANY question you like. Together, we’ll face every roadblock you encounter — who knows? Your questions may help save the life of a friend, family member, or neighbor.

The way I see it, you have two choices right now: play it safe and keep doing things the same way you’ve always done it. Worst case scenario: you don’t get anywhere and live a little less longer than you’d like. 

Or, take the bull by the horns, and click that big orange button below. 

A move that could give you a 250-350% return in terms of better health, renewed hope, more energy — and letting you perhaps enjoy a longer life.

Remember: This is your only chance to get my proprietary Rhythm Reset protocol at this discounted price…

These are proven techniques and frameworks I and my team use in the Dearing Clinic, and right now you can get them for $500 off!

You probably won’t see this offer again until Black Friday.

I’m rooting for you and can’t wait to hear your success story!

Do I have to buy any supporting resources?


No, the price you pay gets you all ALL the resources you need to succeed in becoming the hero of your own health journey.


Pay ONCE — enjoy the benefits FOREVER.

Ready to get started?

Click on the big orange button below to get access RIGHT NOW.

Disclaimer: The results discussed on this page are intended for illustrative purposes only. While we have seen amazing success with this protocol, we cannot guarantee any specific results for individual persons. Please consult with a qualified health care professional before starting any protocol, diet, or health regimen.


All rights reserved. No reproduction of the words or images above are allowed without prior written permission.

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