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Restore Your Body. Empower Your Life.

We Have The Formula For Healing at The Dearing Clinic.

Regenerative therapy, responsible pain management, chiropractic adjustments, brain support, and more

It's Time to Get Your Life Back!

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Relieve pain naturally …
and get moving again.

Stop fatigue … 
and wake up to a new you.

Lift brain fog …
and think clearly again.

Break free from stress …
and feel like you again.

Is chronic pain stopping you from enjoying your life? It doesn’t have to be that way. Experience how our drug-free pain management solutions at The Dearing Clinic help you live again.

Are you tired of being tired? Being exhausted all the time can leave you feeling like life is passing you by. Try our regenerative therapy services to help restore your energy levels.

Are you struggling with memory loss? Are you easily distracted? Find out how our neurological services help improve memory and give you the mental boost you need to navigate your life with ease.

Do you feel overwhelmed? These days it can feel like it’s impossible to escape stress and anxiety. Learn how we can help you relieve stress, stop anxiety, and find the sense of calm you deserve.

Are you ready to feel like YOU again? Contact The Dearing Clinic today and get your life back!


Wellness Partner You Can Count On

Your health is our priority at The Dearing Clinic. We are with you every step of the way. We listen to your concerns to create a personalized care plan to meet your wellness needs.

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Why wait any longer to feel better?

Book your appointment with The Dearing Clinic today!

 Conditions We Treat

Our team of experts at The Dearing Clinic in Nashville treat a wide range of health and medical conditions using chiropractic adjustments and other drug-free integrative medicine techniques. 

chronic pain in neck

Chronic Pain & Injuries

We treat a wide variety of chronic pain conditions and injuries. These include sports injuries, lower back pain, neck pain and injuries, knee pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, sciatica, spinal injuries, and degeneration.  

pain from neurological disorder

Neurological Disorders

Neurological conditions and injuries affect the brain and nervous system. We take a compassionate, targeted approach to treating headaches and migraines, vertigo/dizziness, concussions/whiplash, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, movement disorders, and more.

hand tingling from neuropathy


Numbness, tingling, and nerve pain are all signs of neuropathy. Neuropathy may be caused by other conditions, including diabetes, physical injury, autoimmune disease, medications, and cancer. Our drug-free approach alleviates symptoms without causing unwanted side-effects.

man experiencing stress and anxiety

Stress & Anxiety

Feelings of overwhelm, constant worrying, trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, and an inability to relax can all be caused by stress and anxiety. We provide natural, restorative treatments to relieve stress and anxiety, rather than pills to just mask the symptoms.

woman with chronic fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

Ongoing exhaustion that doesn’t get better with rest is a tell-tale sign of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Other symptoms may include insomnia, headache, pain, and neurological problems. Our restorative approach to chronic fatigue relieves symptoms and boosts your energy levels using all-natural treatments.

Want to learn even more about the health and medical conditions we treat at The Dearing Clinic in Nashville?

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Relief is as easy as 1-2-3 at The Dearing Clinic!

Are You Ready to Feel Like You Again?

Step 1:
Schedule your appointment.

Step 2:
Get answers.

Step 3:
Rediscover yourself.

Book your appointment today with The Dearing Clinic in Nashville to start feeling better. Get ready to start feeling like yourself again.

Our Patient Success Advocates listen to your concerns and evaluate your condition using our comprehensive approach. Then we share your tailored care plan and answer any questions you may have. Depending on your care needs, you may see one of our chiropractors or another team member.

Follow your personalized care plan to reclaim your life. This may include chiropractic adjustments, functional neurology therapies, and drug-free medical services. Get ready to return to doing what you enjoy with the people you love and feel excited to be alive!

Success Stories

"I spent a week with Dr. Dearing and his associate a year after my terrible accident that left me with multiple injuries to my brain, hips, tailbone, neck, and spine. He accomplished more healing in one week than I had in the year prior after seeing multiple experts."

—Susan D.

Programs and Memberships

Here at The Dearing Clinic, we recognize that your healthcare needs are as unique as you! That’s why we offer a variety of healthcare options to meet your personal health circumstances, location, budget, and more.

Ready to have your

own success story?

Book your appointment with The Dearing Clinic in Nashville today.

The Dearing Clinic team
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