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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is estimated that over 836,000 people are suffering with chronic fatigue, and that 90 percent of people with chronic fatigue syndrome have not been diagnosed. On top of this, chronic fatigue syndrome costs the U.S. roughly $17 to $24 BILLION each year in lost income and medical bills. (CDC)


But there’s hope! If you’re struggling with chronic fatigue, The Dearing Clinic in Nashville is where you need to be. Why? Our team of integrative medicine experts use a unique 360-degree approach to chronic fatigue treatment. We create a care plan using regenerative therapy techniques to help restore your body and get back to the best version of yourself—one with renewed energy. 

woman with chronic fatigue

Get real relief for chronic fatigue with our proven integrative medicine approach.

 Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

Chronic fatigue syndrome is stressful. It also feels mysterious because the causes of chronic fatigue are unknown, though it’s often rooted in neurological and metabolic dysfunction. Common chronic fatigue symptoms include:


Overwhelming fatigue

trouble sleeping
cognitive difficulties

Are you ready to solve your chronic fatigue mystery and emerge feeling renewed?

chronic fatigue consultation

Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Our Approach to Renewed Energy

Most medical schools don’t provide training in chronic fatigue, so it’s no surprise that it can be hard to find doctors who can effectively treat chronic fatigue syndrome. (CDC)


At The Dearing Clinic in Nashville, each one of our integrative medicine experts is also a chronic fatigue specialist. We find the neurological root of chronic fatigue syndrome through a full neurological evaluation, identify any additional contributing factors, and work to rebuild the foundation for better overall function through a personalized chronic fatigue treatment care plan that is unique to you. Our drug-free regenerative therapy techniques treat chronic fatigue naturally to help you restore your body and empower your life.

 It’s time to feel empowered, centered, and renewed. 

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