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Stress & Anxiety

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is excessive worrying getting in the way of living your best life? Have you tried conventional treatments such as medication for stress and anxiety relief but found they either haven’t worked or caused difficult yet quite common side effects? The Dearing Clinic in Nashville can help.


It’s no secret that modern life can be exhausting, and since the COVID pandemic, rates of stress and anxiety have only increased. At The Dearing Clinic, we understand how debilitating stress and anxiety can be. Our team of integrative medicine experts provide stress and anxiety treatment options that eliminate unwanted side-effects and help you get your life back.

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Signs of Stress and Anxiety

Our integrative medicine team uses restorative therapy to help address the root cause of your stress and anxiety so you can live your best life. We don’t waste time masking the troublesome signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety.


The common signs of stress and anxiety include:



poor digestion

Poor digestion

trouble sleeping

Trouble sleeping



memory loss

Memory loss

brain fog

Brain fog, confusion, and trouble finding words

poor time management

Poor time management

Are you ready to take a breath and enjoy life again?

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Stress and Anxiety Treatment

Our Integrative Medicine Approach

Our integrative medicine team of experts at The Dearing Clinic in Nashville apply their unique 360-degree approach to stress and anxiety to customize the best treatment for stress and anxiety for you. We know how destructive stress and anxiety can be to your quality of life. Our goal is to create a personalized, drug-free plan using regenerative therapies to help you find stress and anxiety relief. We want you to feel a renewed sense of calm so you can live your best life.

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